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4.5일-생활 균형

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Great Management and Family like atmosphere

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I have been given so much room to grow and develop in this company. Working here I have learned about myself and gained an understanding of what a family culture is in a company. The manager is tough but fair and is only this way to push and help you to develop the skill she sees in you.


Family atmosphere and fun


Not for an individual that is not ok with being pushed to be better and develop yourself.
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Ok Environment

Family owned business. Ship is tightly watched by management. Management doesn’t believe in working form home and not understanding of single mothers.
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Fun Place to work

This is a great company! They really treat all of their employees like family. Management is there to help you !00% of the way. I enjoy learning new things about Manufacturing and the industry everyday. Talking to customers all day is fun!
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flexible, fun place to work!!

I love working at Filtershine! I have never had a job that is so flexible and understanding about "life". Management is wonderful and has an open door policy. I work in the office and the environment is AMAZING! We all get along and help one another. Management tries to accommodate everyone and actually LISTENS if an employee has a concern that needs to be addressed. Pay is good, but of course who wouldn't want to get paid more? lol BUT there are raises yearly AND bonus's around the holidays. There is even a Christmas party! Benefits are OK... not great but at least you have the option for benefits AND they're cheap!! All and all FilterShine Is an excellent place to work, you'd be lucky to land a job here!!


paid hour lunch, flexible, open door policy


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