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기업 정보

  • CEO (최고경영자)
    Brian T. Moynihan
  • 설립
  • 기업 규모
    10,000 이상
  • 매출
    10조(KRW) 이상
  • 업종
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Analyst, Emerging Markets Sales, Fixed Income Sales, Korea


2일 전

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Operations Representative, Trade Support and Settlements


임시직, 정규직
3 Months Bank Contractor, Global Capital Markets, Seoul


임시직, 정규직
3 Months Bank Contractor, Global Investment Banking, Seoul


Opportunities for Korea Veterans and Veteran’s family hires


Bank of America 채용공고 5개가 있습니다.
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Seoul, South Korea Asia Client Services Assistant Vice President
2017년 12월 4일 작성
Work hard and earn your victory
Best place to work and learn how to manage people during my time, wish I had more time to work there. Global Markets provides services across the world’s debt, equity, commodity and foreign exchange markets. This includes liquidity, hedging strategies, industry-leading insights, and one of the world's leading research platform to institutional investor clients, including hedge funds, asset managers, pension funds and others.
Seoul AVP
2016년 7월 26일 작성
Busy and productive place
I enjoyed working at this firm, especially given that I was able to experience the merger between the two banks at the time I was working there. The bank operated efficiently and productively.
Seoul Intern - FICC Sales
2015년 3월 1일 작성
Enjoyed working under pressure
• Created a weekly distribution product keeping clients updated with major events/key economic data regarding to BRIC that has been praised by export-dependent institutional clients such as Hyundai Motor, who are extremely sensitive to FX movement • Provided the detailed house view to clients on introduction of quantitative easing by ECB and the decision by SNB, dropping its three-year –old peg of 1.20 CHF per EUR, when realized FX volatility reached the highest level for non-crisis periods in 20 years • Assisted the team providing the clients with liquidity, competitive pricing and execution for spot, forward and swap deals
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