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업무와 생활의 균형
급여 / 복리후생
고용 보장 / 승진
경영 및 관리
사내 문화 및 가치관
Good life & work balance
Team Leader (현 직원) –  서울2016년 3월 2일
Good life & work balance.
Many things depend on the department, organization structure & the market situation.
Stable company culture.
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업무와 생활의 균형
급여 / 복리후생
고용 보장 / 승진
경영 및 관리
사내 문화 및 가치관
Mixture of western and eastern culture - Seoul Office
Junior staff accountant (전 직원) –  Seoul, Korea2014년 12월 18일
I worked at BNP Paribas Cardif Life Korea for over 5 years. The average rating about the Seoul office by the employees varies person by person. In my opinion it is totally up to you how you manage your work life. You can work like a horse and still get no recognition or you can work smart and get some recognition but get pointed at by others. However, as long as you get your job done in time, it is a good company to start a career b/c it offers you a lot to learn (literally).
The culture itself is very nice compared to other Korean culture based companies.
You will not like the raise of your salary.
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업무와 생활의 균형
급여 / 복리후생
고용 보장 / 승진
경영 및 관리
사내 문화 및 가치관
Highly professional wokring place
Sales Planner - Bancassurance Sales Dept (전 직원) –  Seoul, Korea2013년 11월 1일
Respects employees work and life balance, different opinion.
Great management
Smart but careful effort to promote the business in & out of the company
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