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기업 정보
Our mission is to create a world in which our customers ask "How did I ever live without Coupang?"

We are dedicated to finding new ways to revolutionize the online retail experience and surpass our customers’ expectations.

To do this, we’re constantly challenging the norms to make life easier for millions of customers by relying on our ingenuity
 – 더보기 and leveraging technology. We’re future-minded self-starters who are fueled by our passion to solve problems that no one else has!

At Coupang, we believe every person is a leader. Our 15 leadership principles guide our work every day, whether we are thinking of a new project idea or solving a problem.

We're a family of future-minded people who are unafraid to drive the next big idea that will improve the way we live. We believe in curiosity, talent and hard work. If you enjoy the thrill of working with other problem-solvers within an ever-growing business, come join us.
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Picture of Bom Suk Kim, CEO of Coupang
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