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업무와 생활의 균형
급여 / 복리후생
고용 보장 / 승진
경영 및 관리
사내 문화 및 가치관
I was always happy with co-workers
All Rounder (전 직원) –  Seoul2019년 3월 20일
this is my first time to work with a lot of co-workers
co-workers are almost 10~20 persons
I worked at Jamsil H&M store which is very busy shopping center in Seoul
it was hard but I always had smile because
it was always fun
Actually I did a lot of jobs in the H&M
I put the tags on the clothes , cleaned store , gave some tips to customer , I did cashier a lot !
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업무와 생활의 균형
급여 / 복리후생
고용 보장 / 승진
경영 및 관리
사내 문화 및 가치관
several factors have been changed but it is still one of kind
Department Manager (전 직원) –  서울2019년 1월 6일
I was in the company from November 2011 to August 2018.
I quit my job due to going abroad but I can recommend this company to whom want to start their careers in a retail department with pleasure. A company still has a different culture from other Koren companies.
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