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At LG we make products and services that make lives better, easier and happier through increased functionality and fun. Put simply, we offer the latest innovations to make “Life Good” – from home appliances, consumer electronics, vehicle components and mobile communications to business innovations in digital signage, air conditioning, solar and LED – 더보기 lighting. As a global leader, we strive for greatness in product leadership, market leadership and people leadership to realize our growth strategies.

We offer an environment that enables colleagues to demonstrate their capabilities, focus on their work and create value. At LG, you're encouraged to take a creative and individual approach to challenges with strong emphasis placed on performance and skill—and equal, merit-based opportunities across the board. We want our colleagues to grow with our global business. That's why we deliver rewards for exceptional performance and offer industry-leading benefits. Come join the team!
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Picture of Mr. Thomas Yoon, CEO of LG Electronics
의 직원이 CEO로서의 Mr. Thomas Yoon의 성과를 인정합니다
CEO 평가는 1,124건의 평가를 기준으로 합니다
즐겁게 일하는 분위기였으나 다시 옛날 조직문화로 바뀌어가고 있음
서울 가산 지역 UI/UX (현 직원)이(가) 작성 - 2017년 7월 19일
UI UX 직군은 분위기 문화가 중요한 만큼 젊은 분위기속에서 업무가 진행되어야 한다고 생각합니다. 현재는 그런 문화가 많이 사라져 해당 업무 진행에 어려움이 많습니다.
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