The Perfect Fit

This is a story of collaboration between Dow and ECCO, a footwear company looking to innovate and create fully customizable products at scale. This film showcases the technology developed by Dow – a liquid silicone rubber that can be used in 3D printing. We learn about customization in footwear design, the performance and comfort that a 3D printed midsoles can achieve and the potential for this technology to disrupt more than just the footwear industry.

We learn from Dow engineers and materials scientists as well as footwear designers working at the ECCO’s Innovation Lab about the benefits, the challenges and the process by which this new technology was created.

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  • Real change can happen when we embrace the full potential of our diverse community. To help make this change a reality, we're joining @thevaluable500 and committing to keep disability inclusion on the business agenda. Watch our story to learn more about this commitment and see the great work our Disability Employee Network is doing around the world.
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