U.S. Army 채용 및 기업정보

U.S. Army에서 근무하는 것은 어떤가요?

3.8업무와 생활의 균형 (워라밸)
4.4급여 / 복리후생
4.4고용 보장 / 승진
4.0경영 및 관리
4.2사내 문화
Great place to work.
Daegu, South Korea 지역 Attorney-Advisor (전 직원)이(가) 작성 - 2018년 11월 8일
I worked independently. Management appreciated my hard work. I received a bonus and a raise every year. I was sent to the continuing legal education courses that I found. The only negative was that I had to find and apply for a new position in order to be promoted. I was interviewed multiple times, but never promoted.
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