U.S. Army 채용 및 기업정보

U.S. Army에서 근무하는 것은 어떤가요?

3.8업무와 생활의 균형 (워라밸)
4.4급여 / 복리후생
4.4고용 보장 / 승진
4.0경영 및 관리
4.2사내 문화
Difficult but extremely rewarding work culture
Seoul, South Korea 지역 Senior Information Technology Specialist (현 직원)이(가) 작성 - 2019년 4월 17일
The US Army is a very extreme environment with extreme individuals. There is no profession that is as rewarding as being in the military but all of this come at great sacrifice.
장점Active duty and VA benefits, world travel
단점Chance of death, long hours, mandatory physical training
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