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Made the best out of a remote work situation

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My mentor was very helpful in guiding me through the project requirements and was generally available throughout. Work-life balance suffered though perhaps because working culture overseas differ from in the US.
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Awesome internship experience!

100% recommend. Great intro into saas sales. Great people, product, and environment for interns. Well paced and fostered learning. If your interested in saas ales, definitely apply.


Great People, great environment


Can get grindy, but that's sales
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Good Company

Great Product, Good Co-workers - the culture is interesting - not good or bad. The CEO is dynamic and the sales organization is top notch. Good Benefits.
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Was an awesome place to work

RPA is becoming a big domain - dont get into services rather product team and you will thrive.Sometimes it gets too overwhelming depending on the clients that you get
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Good learning environment for an intern

My internship experience at UiPath allowed me to work on a meaningful automation project and develop software for an internal use case. I learned important software development, planning, and time management skills.
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no guidance

high pay an no project management. showed uyp at cleint and had no idea what my job was till I got there. No help with accommodations. Contractors are not managed.
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Fast paced workplace

The work culture is evolving and so is the company. Being a fast paced environment, there was no dull moment but full throttle work mode. Overall good.
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Productive and fun place to work

Its a great and collaborative environment for anyone and everyone. The hardest part of the job is to solve the problems but the team you are surrounded with help you with every necessary way possible.
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Expanded to fast

Exapanded to fast in US, unable to sustain workforce in the face of declining revenue. Over-hired in 2018, which resulted in massive layoffs in 2019. Do not recommend.
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Exciting and fast paced work environment

UiPath has an amazing product, great people and wonderful benefits. while there have been some growing pains, its a great place to work. The people are passionate, and many work long hours, but the culture is great and inclusive.
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Poorly managed from the top down

The CEO is a technical leader and while the product is very strong, the overall organization lacks direction. A prime example of this would be the 400 people they just laid off.
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Exciting startup with frequent organizational changes

Exciting startup with frequent organizational changes. Driving high growth, while attempting to put in place more formalized process in preparation for liquidity event. Constant Change
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Avoid it

Stay away from UiPath if in Europe and if you prefer a safe job with fair management. Also, avoid the sales team at all costs. The culture over there is toxic to say the least with poor managers, daily direct or implied threats and a complete and sinister lack of transparency. To give you an idea of what I mean by that: sales people were never told what exactly was their target, nothing ever got sent in written form and the management never respected any agreement that they are bamboozling people to join in. Unhealthy competition is the norm and it is actually praised and fostered by management. One can get fired for no reason at all. Coming in with your hair combed in the wrong direction can get you fired in no time. Money falls from the sky at UiPath (for the moment at least) and unfortunately the company is filled with people willing to sell their moms in order to get a piece of the pie. You will keep reading and hearing them talk about their "culture" and "humbleness". Empty buzz words: they are quite arrogant, semi-ethical and the culture is actually a rotten dictatorship. Chief People Officer - an absolutely useless bloke, that is more concerned about his own advancement and being a serf for the most insidious managers in the company. Does nothing at all for employees. There are some teams that are ok, to be sure. They have nice benefits and they pay quite well, the product is fairly good, but with serious limitations (not at all something miraculous like they present it). This is not at all what is seems to be a first glance.
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Cut throat and political

UiPath promises a great culture...but like everything they promise, it's just lies. It is a very cut-throat place. The credit for anything you do will go to the first person who can tell management they did it. Beware the bait and switch on your job, too. You'll be promised a lot in interviews and have a very terrible job as a result. Any hard work you do will be forgotten 5 seconds later.


Free lunches, Equinox


Very political, very cut-throat
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Great Place to work

TCS is highly instrumental in structuring Freshers, giving them scope to enhance the skill that is allotted to you. yes, all this comes at a cost, you are trained in JAVA as you are good with coding, you get selected to projects because you are good with Database operations, then you are made to work as a SAP Functional as you have good communication skills and are thus required to interact with the client regularly. Learning opportunities are good. They have plethora od online courses, all well defined and highly informative. And they reward you to learn skill.


Everything is good


Salary is less
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