United Nations
별점 5점 중 4.4점.
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기업 정보

  • CEO (최고경영자)
    António Guterres
    António Guterres의 성과 인정
  • 설립
  • 기업 규모
    10,000 이상
  • 매출
    10억(KRW) 미만
  • 업종
    비영리 및 NGO
  • 본사
    New York New York, United States
  • 링크
    United Nations 웹사이트
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경영 및 관리

2개 채용공고


Songdo, Korea의 Policy Research Intern
2016년 5월 11일 작성
Excellent International Experience
My day-to-day tasks included, updating website content such as, the news section, posting publications and social media. Also, I specialized in front and back end coding, drafting, editing and formatting of documents to the company’s website. Moreover, I worked with a small team where I was the direct liaison for one of our tri-annual Board meetings/conference and side-events. My participation with this project allowed me to gain experience in researching and extracting information from many databases in order to interpret and/or process for stakeholder communications. GCF is a fast paced work environment where I have been challenged to operate outside of my scope and multi-task while collaborating with a diverse workforce.

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