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2019년 9월 24일 작성
성실근무시 혜택이 많음
원장일 경우 자녀들 무료입학가능하고 직원은 주말 토익감독관으로 근무할수있어서 부수입이 짭잘함. 커리큘럼이 짜여져있어서 수월한편인데 한국스타일이라 조직문화가 익숙한 사람에게 잘 맞음
서울의 English Teacher
2018년 9월 10일 작성
Tough workplace
Must be willing to put in extra time and effort. Working with students is fun but does require a lot of planning every day. Must be able to multitask frequently.
KR의 ESL Teacher
2018년 7월 10일 작성
This was an ok place to work at. I worked in a small town in Korea and the place is currently not open anymore. I did enjoy working overseas, but you worked a lot of crazy hours.
인천의 English Instructor
2018년 3월 18일 작성
Not bad for a hagwon
Poorly organized overall, lack of communication/language barrier between workers made this job very hard at times. Plus lots if extra work not included in contract with no overtime pay.
서울의 International English Teacher
2017년 12월 20일 작성
Hard, fulfilling work
Working as a teacher was great, I loved the freedom I had and the classes and the students but it was a lot of paperwork and overtime which lead to 9-10 hour days.

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