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Tough workplace

Must be willing to put in extra time and effort. Working with students is fun but does require a lot of planning every day. Must be able to multitask frequently.
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This was an ok place to work at. I worked in a small town in Korea and the place is currently not open anymore. I did enjoy working overseas, but you worked a lot of crazy hours.
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Not bad for a hagwon

Poorly organized overall, lack of communication/language barrier between workers made this job very hard at times. Plus lots if extra work not included in contract with no overtime pay.
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Hard, fulfilling work

Working as a teacher was great, I loved the freedom I had and the classes and the students but it was a lot of paperwork and overtime which lead to 9-10 hour days.


great kids


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Decent company

I worked from 8 a.m. until 6 or 7 p.m. with an hour long lunch break and 10 or 15 minute breaks throughout the day. I taught classes of about 12 studnets of all ages and proficiency levels. I learned to manage my time well. You have to prepare lessons and perform basic administrative duties. This meant that I had to learn to manage my time better so as to not be left unprepared for any lessons or changes that would regularly arise. The workplace culture is different because the company is in Korea and they work a little differently form us but it was overall pleasant to work in the company. The hardest part about working in the company was never being in the loop about things that were happening in the company. We always found out things long after everyone else knew. The best part was being able to see the impact that we had on our students as well as our colleagues.


Decent pay


Long hours and little free time
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Terrible work environment

Management is disorganized, unsupportive, and can be quite unprofessional. They take very little effort to integrate foreigners and went out of their way humiliate several teachers during the time I worked at their academy. The teachers, foreign and even more so the Korean teachers, are overworked and very stressed. This job can really push you to the limits. The apartments are also very old and need to be renovated. The one pro is that the pay is decent and you will always be paid on time.


Paid on time


Terrible management
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wonderful job

This is a wonderful job that doesn't require too many long hours. The students you teach are sweet and hard-working, which makes the job very rewarding.
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Great environment for children!

Lots of activities for children. A good environment to learn English skills and apply them to everyday life and situations. Children built lots of confidents.


good wages


no vacation packages
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Great experience

I would recommend anyone to take this job if you like a true challenge personally and professionally. One of the best things I've ever done.
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A good place to start

Although most teachers hired had experience before at other schools, all of them said this would have been a good place to start. The work hours are rigorous, the management is lacking and the students are always tired.


free lunch, living quarters near school


have to eat with the kids, the food is terrible, the managment team never listens to a word you say
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A Life-Changing Job

Having the opportunity to fly across the world to meet many children, and teach them English to better communicate with them was a chance of a lifetime.
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Hard life but it has its perks

Working in Korea is an experience. It's different for everyone. Just be careful. There is a problem with a lot of different things being a foreigner.
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Fun and easy-going place to work with very helpful co-workers

There were a few mis-communications during the year due to a small bit of a language barrier and cultural differences but overall the staff is very friendly and very helpful!!!


very reliable place to work, never paid more than 3 days late.


sometimes they would overwork the staff if they were in a bind.
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Good experience for those wishing to travel

I taught preschool in the morning and school age in the afternoon. I also taught some evening classes to older children. I enjoyed the teaching and getting to know the students. Very little support from staff/management, but a great working relationship with other English instructors. Huge adjustment working in another country with different language, customs etc


new learning experience, travel


difficult adjustment
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